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A white wine vinified like a red wine, that is to say that instead of removing the skins of the grapes as we do for white wine, we keep them and let them macerate in the juice. The golden color comes from the skin of the grape which releases its pigments. In addition to color, this technique helps develop a variety of aromas and leaves a subtle tannic sensation in the mouth.

Although it does appear to contain residual sugar due to its fruity and floral aromas, APEX white wine is a dry wine. This type of wine is very fresh, with a beautiful aromatic power and an assertive structure. Thanks to its versatility and strong personality, it goes well with a wide variety of dishes. To appreciate all its charm, we recommend serving it at a temperature between 10 and 16C.


Residual sugar: <1.2 g/L

APEX Auxerrois

  • 2019

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